Friday, 15 January 2010

Sad Day for Puppets
When You Tell Me That You Love Me
Sonic Cathedral
Rating: 4/5

The new single from Swedish psych-pop band Sad Day for Puppets is a re-working of a bonus track off their debut album, Unknown Colours, and sticks firmly to the formula that has worked so well for them thus far. Like the best tracks from the album ('Marble Gods', 'Last Night', 'Romans', 'Shiny Teeth and Sharpened Claws'), it's very fast, upbeat and has great interplay between simple lead guitar lines and great vocal hooks. It's heavily indebted to psych-rock and does sound a lot like early Ride, but it's fantastic nonetheless.

Like the A-side, the B-side, 'Withering Petals and Dust' is a reworking of a previously available track, and again like the A-side, it's a great improvement. This version has a constant bass line that holds together the track with an insistency and urgency that was missing before. Above the mess of bass and distorted guitars, Anna Eklund's vocals soar with effortless grace, and the fact that the lyrics are pretty good almost doesn't matter. She could be singing anything and it would still sound just as beautiful.

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