Friday, 15 January 2010

Daniel J Nixon
Turn This Stone
Rating: 5/5

The first five out of five record review I ever gave was for Daniel J Nixon's first demo, which had 'Turn This Stone' on the A and 'Matilda, Please' on the B. If you want to see that review, it's somewhere on High Voltage. Here, I'm gonna deal with the other three tracks.

As on his demo, we're still solidly in a minor key, and Daniel is sticking to his guns, relying
on simple, evocative lyrics and his strained, gentle voice to suggest the emotions he's getting at, rather than bashing you around the head and shouting 'FEEL THIS NOW!' As a result, they are easy to connect with and lose yourself in.

'Hide and Seek' is on a si
milar par to his original demo offerings, as is 'The Big Idea'. Just when I'm thinking that the only drawback of this EP is that you have to be in a certain state of mind to like it, we get to the final track, 'First Snow of the Winter'. Chord-wise, there's some development in the right direction and a subtle change in tone that allows for a faintly hopeful end to the set. Needless to say, it's welcome, and it's equally ingratiating to see that his first demo wasn't a fluke. These songs are a pleasure to listen to, and if that's not the point of rock n' roll, then what the fuck is?

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