Sunday, 13 March 2011

Cyril Snear
Fluent in Seven Types of Monotone
Weatherface Records
Out Now
Rating: 4.5/5

Check this shit out- not a four out of five, but a fucking four-point-five out of five. That's like.... nine out of ten! Also, I'm going to add that this record is not truly representative of The Snear as they currently are; it's nearly two years old and I'm simply a recent initiate to their sound. Excitingly, they're currently finishing up their second (as yet unnamed) record, as their live set list will attest, and Gambler from Oceansize (and now, British Theatre) has allegedly contributed keyboards. Be still, my beating heart. 

Anyway, that musing does a great disservice to Fluent in Seven Types of Monotone, because it's actually bloody brilliant, even if it doesn't fully represent the more recent developments in the band's sound. Fluent... is ambitious in all the right ways, challenging (both melodically and conceptually), and yet paradoxically still highly listenable and accessible. 

For the progressive rock fan, there's lengthy tracks like 'Pigs and Poultry' and 'Wardy Cained', but for the more casual listener, the math grooves of 'In the Wake of This', melodic 'Loitering With Intent' or angular 'My Saliva is the Only Thing Holding Me Together Right Now' will capture and hold the attention first. Occasionally, the two threads of the album cross; witness 'Guaranteed Dollar' or 'Evolution Has a New Face', both of which could be 'singles' on a 'Size record, in terms of length as well as development. 

At the end of the day, this is still a diverse, complicated listen (not to mention the fact that it is pretty fucking long), so if this sort of thing is what inspires you, you'd be far better getting a copy and letting it unfold for yourself; I don't want to ruin the process of discovery for anyone. For those seeking a guitar-centric, expansively executed album of math-rock meets progressive rock, look no further. From this record, one can't help but absorb the feeling that Cyril Snear are only just getting started. Amen to that.  

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