Wednesday, 30 March 2011

At Any Time
Out Now
Rating: 4/5
Dear fucking God, why is there so much great music coming out of liverpool at the moment? I've gotta be honest, when these lads contacted me I was going to put them in my 'pile of bands that send me shit without first fucking reading how much I go on and on about exactly what music I do like' (long tag, I know), when I noticed that they mentioned they were opening for Always the Quiet Ones when they launch Freak Show. Ahoy hoy. 

Right, so bandname for 16-year-olds-in-a-basement aside, these dudes have some pretty solid tunes behind them. The opener, 'Ice' is kind of like Septembre (yay!) or Mindwire (when they were busy being good, rather than kind of average) cut with Old Romantic Killer Band, or at a push the grunge-blues of Wingman. Either way, his voice is certainly reminiscent of Harry Johns, and that's not just me being a fucking fanboy (much).

Track two, 'Excavate' is probably more filler than killer in my book, but that's okay, because 'Throwing at Me', on the other hand, is pretty great. It's got the thump and fuzz of early Feeder (have a listen, I've got a point) with some more modern punk-style drums thrown in; think max hi-hat in the verses and lots of da-da-da-da-da snare in the choruses. Mmm. 

On 'Void' again the riffs are again at the fore; granted, they were always going to be out-riffed by ATQO or ICO, but these are still pretty solid, if in a more straightforward alt-rock way. Closing on 'I Need Your Hand', the band go for a more coffee-shop approach and deploy the Jeff Buckley; there's organ and a killer guitar solo to nicely round off the EP. What can I say? I'm looking forward to seeing how these guys hold their own live against ATQO and Battleships. Game on, I say!

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