Sunday, 23 January 2011

Vex Red LP

Right, so anyone that's read this blog more than once (or maybe even less than that, it's probably pretty obvious) will know that I've got a pretty big crush on everything that Terry Abbott has done as a musician. Above all of his projects, however, still stands the single, brilliant album by Vex Red. Now, Discogs and a number of websites will tell you that the album was only released on CD by Virgin, but while procrastinating from revision I appear to have got myself a vinyl copy. I don't know how. A little bit of research after the fact seems to suggest that a few internal promos were printed for employees, but beyond that educated guess I'm not really sure. What I am sure of is that I'll be waiting by the front door at post-time every day until this baby comes. Gradually I'm getting there: Now Here is Nowhere, Finelines, See This Through and Leave, Siamese Dream... bit by bit I'm building the perfect record collection. I'm so excited I may have to go and lie down.

In other news, I've got the new Vessels album, Maybeshewill single, Harrys Gym album, Deerhoof, and Phoenix Foundation on my reviews pile next to me, so expect a whole heap of HV reviews (as well as that RIBS review for this blog) to go up as soon as exams are over on Thursday. Did I mention that the SSD page is getting a make-over too? Well, it is. We've got a new logo courtesy of boneface, and finally, this weekend (29th) is Pangaea, where between 9 and 12 in Academy 3 you'll find dune, Wingman and Charlie Barnes & the Geekks, all of whom I've raved about on these (virtual) pages so much that I've practically got fucken arthiritis.

Here's a Failure video to get you by until then. 

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