Monday, 31 January 2011

Locrian Singles
Rating: 4/5

So, judging by site stats a lot of people saw my end of year list, which also means you will have seen that the British Brains EP by Bostonians RIBS got a sneaky peek in at the 'honourable mention' level; well, they are back, with double- A side download Locrian Singles

I'm not going to lie, 'Please Don't Go', the 'A' is not the greatest thing they've ever done. It's got grind and drive and yadda yadda yadda, but my basic problem with it is twofold- the heaviness has been overdone by both NIN and their multitude of imitators, and the general atmospherics remind me of any number of bands from Manchester that perenially play the Joy Division card (of which I am very tired). That said, it's saving grace, as always is Keith Freud's fantastic vocals, which are always enough to bring it back from the brink. 

The 'AA', 'Cosmos' is an entirely different proposition, however; a cracking atmospheric number generated from cavernous guitars and shot through with a paranoia that reminds of Manc electro wizards The Narrows, albeit crushed through RIBS' more trip-hoppy alt rock filter (seen on the EP most notably on 'Silencer'). It's a fantastic track, and serves to remind that RIBS have ambition enough to come up with a variety of sounds and styles. A lot of bands and even more press packs promise that, but RIBS actually deliver. With Russian Blood (in theory at least) in the pipeline for this year, these singles serve to whet one's appetite for what is surely to come, and to remind those wont to forget that RIBS are to be ignored at your peril. 

If you're not given to my slightly bipolar, hyperbolic reviewing, then download the singles free below, and decide for yourself.  

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