Thursday, 23 December 2010

Thought this was worth a mention....

So, apparently Biffy Clyro are fans of People in Planes, further confirming my suspicion that they belong to the BC/TCTC/Size/Amp/Vex camp of turn-of-the-century not-quite-prog camp that I love so. It's always nice when you find out that somebody pretty rockin' likes a band that you do too. 

Anyway, basically Simon Neil was asked to name his top five songs right now, and he came out with: 

1. People in Planes - Pretty Buildings
2. My Morning Jacket - Highly Suspicious
3. Frightened Rabbit - Set You Free
4. Oceansize - Music for a Nurse
5. Biffy Clyro - That Golden Rule

List (and reasoning) is here:

Personally, I would have gone with MMJ's cover of 'Rocket Man' and probably 'Token Trapped Woman' off the first PiP album, ...As Far As The Eye Can See, but that's just me.

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