Thursday, 23 December 2010

Continuing the Oceansize theme...

I think this was actually the video that made me come to Manchester. Mike Vennart basically dicking around in the city while some pompous yank shoots his mouth off. Classic. Also includes the brilliant quote, "the future of British music is being driven by the sounds of Oceansize and Kasabian"- errr. Not only that, but there's a brilliant cameo of Noel Gallagher doing what he does best- being a total cunt.  

Also, why not check out this video about all of Oceansize's gear. It took serious geekery to get even half of this information from Mike in interview; I might have saved myself the hassle if I'd known this existed. That said, if you do want to read that interview (it's long and rather good, though I say so myself), I'd go here:

Oceansize Interview

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