Tuesday, 19 October 2010

ITC in Quotes

Ollie Russian: 
- "bloggers would have been rock critics in another era"
- "mentality of exhaustion" in modern industry
- "blogs are the new John Peel or Lamacq"
- "a PR can sit there all day and send you a hundred tracks, but if you don't like it, you won't post it"
- "the way a PR wins over a young blogger is with guestlist or a free t-shirt"

Sean Adams:
- "It's only the most agreeable things that rise to the top"
- "transatlantic lust" of US Blogs re: British bands... 

Jay Taylor:
- [something falls from ceiling] "who threw that?"
- [of the panel] "does anyone think we look like a ZZ top tribute band?"

Guy Garvey:
- [of pay to play] "I think it's so out of order, so cruel. It's pretying on the hopes and aspirations of young people."

Chris Long:
- "I'm going to ask Guy whether he'd pay to play." [Guy Garvey:] "Right now?"

I won't do Nick Mason or Rob Dickins quotes, as they've already been extensively discussed. I'd recommend the CMU's coverage of the latter, and well, pretty much fucking everybody's coverage of the former.

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