Thursday, 19 August 2010

This story warmed my heart...


Now that's a lovely story.

Allllllllllso, I will be posting links to a bunch of stuff I've been upto of late- for the non lazy, click the link on the right of the page- including an interview with SVIIB, fuckloads of album reviews, and interviews with Sleepy Sun (whose album Fever is fucking incredible) and the ever-excellent Sad Day for Puppets. I'm hoping to snag an interview with Oceansize about their new album, but that's proving harder to arrange...

Oh, also a copy of People in Planes' second, but-not-very-recent-anymore album Beyond the Horizon dropped through my antiquated letter-box this morning, so I will write things (hopefully good things) about it as soon as I'm free to do so. 

Now to record an EP.

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