Wednesday, 30 June 2010

All Creatures Will Make Merry
by Toad Records
Rating: 4/5

A lot of reviewers (to me) always seem unduly concerned with what they term 'consistency'- i.e. all the songs on the record sounding the same. To me, consistency is not about sound, it's about quality- although sometimes it may not work, unexpected variation that delivers without fail will add value to a record. Case in point- the new TPT album, where 'Barely Breathing' and an acoustic 'Nothing at Best' sit well amongst the modern progressive nonsense (in a nice way).

This is, I guess, how I would approach the new Meursault album, All Creatures Will Make Merry as well. Because here, showcased alongside the a cappella folk of 'One Day This Will All Be Fields', you'll find the Beta Band-via-U2 driving electronica of 'Crank Resolutions', the post-rock of 'What You Don't Have', and the almost Nine Inch Nails-esque industrial of 'New Ruin'. What's more, whilst these deviations from the norm (that is, a pleasant and eclectic mix of folk, rock and electronica) represent the high points of the record, there is a consistent quality to it that means it's impossible to get bored.

It's on tracks like 'Song for Martin Kippenberger' that this becomes obvious- it might not win over a new fan with the first ten seconds like 'Crank Resolutions' will, but it is just as good. And few bands manage that.

So, all in all, a great first record. Let's hope the second is just as quirky and exciting. Three thumbs up, as they say.

Also, if you're interested, check out the BBC Glastonbury footage of them here:

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