Monday, 21 June 2010

Exit Calm Live // SSD // New Stuff

Yo ho ho, long time no speak. It's been busy at the SSD bunker, two hundred floors below sea level... but yeah, onto matters musical. 

My review of Exit Calm for Noize Makes Enemies can be found ici:

With SSD, we have exciting news:
1st night attendance: ~53
2nd night attendance: >85

Let's Kill Music is a success!

So, we've got stuff in the pipeline... already confirmed is the Nowhere Again EP launch on the 8th of October at Happiness Bar (in the Precinct), featuring Nowhere Again, Tripwires, Dune & more TBA, and on the 2nd of November we have the mighty Meursault stopping in on their tour of the UK to play a set in our fair city. Exciting!

In that vein, a review of their new album will be up here in the next couple of days, before I go to GLASTONBURY! (WOOO!)

Lastly, and by no means least(ly), I've got some new stuff up on HV. Swing over there to check it out. Recommended: Dead Horses: EP3 and Sophie Hunger: 1983. Either way, take a read here:

In the next print HV there's also going to be my interview with SVIIB's Ben Curtis, and I'm possibly interviewing Feeder for Noize, The Pineapple Thief for High Voltage, and I'm doing a follow-up piece on Amplifier's The Octopus this week as well, once I've got it sorted with Sel. 

Party on!

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