Wednesday, 31 March 2010

I know this blog is normally about music, but I had to just write a quick bit on this book I read recently by Joey Comeau: part Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, part Fight Club, it's an epistolary novel based around a series of CV cover letters.

Like the X-Files, there are the stand-alone installments, but it's all part of a grand meta-narrative involving heartbreak, a car crash and the narrator's brother. It's at times heart-wrenchingly sad; by implying rather than dealing in specifics, Comeau lets your imagination fill in the gaps, though he is clear about the emotions on display.

Without ruining it I can't say any more, save that in a bizarrely direct way (subtly through the narrative, as well as agressively and bluntly in the words of the narrator) it's one of the most life-affirming books I've ever read. It's short, sweet and beautiful.

Also, in other news:

Charlie Barnes is releasing his album, Geekk, on the 30th May in Huddersfield. It's going to be a bloody ace night, so make sure you go down.

The aforementioned gentleman was on Salford City Radio yesterday, and played a few tunes. It's also worth listening to the show he played on, because it appears to be awesome:

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