Tuesday, 26 April 2011

SFTOC Recommendations

I decided to run off some one-sentence recommendations for those attending SFTOC this weekend, though to be honest I suspect it'd be more in the spirit of things to ignore me and do whatever the fuck you want. Your call!

Charlie Barnes (St. Phillips, 6:00)
He got album of the year on here, plays electronic prog-pop and is fucking brilliant.

Plank! (United Reformed, 6:00)
Krautrock... prog-rock... united at last...

FTKOSQ (Salford Arms, 8:15)
The apocalypse, as soundtracked by Massive Attack getting mugged by Nine Inch Nails.

With That Knife (The Pint Pot, 7:00)
Catchy mathy indie rock that's a cut above the rest of the indie rock hacks. 

Patterns (The Pint Pot, 10:00)
Shoegazey indie that's kind of like Merriweather Post Pavilion-era Animal Collective. 

Trojan Horse (Fat Out Til You Pass Out, 6:45)
"Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum!" - find out what I mean; das ist prog. 

Day For Airstrikes (United Reformed, 5:00)
Post-rock with melodies and electronics and stuff make Alex a happy boy. 

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