Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Be afraid, be very afraid… the return of Fears

After the indefinite hiatus of his post- Vex Red project, Septembre, lapsed into a de facto breakup, fans of Terry Abbott’s musical vision were cast adrift until- nearly a year later- his idle electronic solo project Toluene resurfaced. Bringing on board drummer Sammy Lee from Septembre on electronic percussion, and rebranding themselves ‘Fears’, the duo played a number of low-key dates, thrashing out melodic industrial music with aggressive drumming and hauntingly perfect vocal melodies. Then, as quickly as they had arrived, they were gone. A number of demos floated around on Myspace, and the band were featured on an Exploding in Sound compilation, but news dried up. Supposedly Terry moved back from London to his native Aldershot. After ten years of musical brilliance and experimentation, it seemed he had finally thrown in the towel.

Imagine my surprise then when I woke up this morning to be confronted by a short url in my email inbox from the friend that first introduced me to Vex. I clicked it, and there it was, 3am, the Beautiful, the Bittersweet; the album I’ve been waiting for in vain for almost three years. So Fears are back, but for how long? Live, they are a near-unstoppable force, and while they were ahead of their time in 2007, now there’s actually a scene waiting to receive them, and maybe their luck could turn around. I hope so, but failing that, I’d settle simply for a chance to see them live again.

You can find the album here:

For more information on Fears, try here:

When I've got some time, I'll do a review of the album as well.

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